AltEquity offers an alternative approach to investing and operating.​​

Who we are

AltEquity is an entrepreneurial investment firm created with the sole purpose of investing in and actively managing a single, profitable, and privately-held middle-market business in the United States.  Our team consists of seasoned investors and operators.

Our focus

We focus on businesses that generate annual revenues of $10 to $30 million and EBITDA of $2 to $4 million.  We seek profitable businesses with excellent customer service, demonstrable growth potential, and revenues that are recurring in nature. We do not invest in distressed or turnaround businesses.

Our alternative approach


  • Our sole focus is to acquire and grow a single business. We do not charge management or transaction fees. 

  • We ensure that your company's legacy and mission continue to grow and generate a positive impact to the broader community.

  • ​Our interests are aligned with those of business owners from the very start, which allows us to tailor a transaction that better suits the specific needs of business owners.  

  • We develop strong relationships with business owners to fully understand their motivations, which oftentimes are not solely financial.

  • ​We are long-term investors and are fully committed to building and strengthening relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers, without whom such businesses would not exist.